Flightless Bird: Iron and Wine

 Bella's lullaby: C Burwell
Leave out all the rest: Linkin Park
Blue Fondation: Eyes on fire

Decode: Paramore

Hearing damage: Thom Yorke
Sea Wolf: The violet Hour
Friends: Band Of Skulls

 Sattelite Hearth Doh: Ania Marina
Monsters: Hurricane Bells
The Scientist: Coldplay

Muse: Supermassive Black Hole
Mutemath: Spotlight
Go all The Way: Perry Farrell
Never Think: Rob Pattinson
How I Would Die: Carter Burwell
Who Are They? Carter Burwell
Treaty: Carl Burwell
Phascination Phase: Carter Burwell
Humans are predators too: Carter Burwell
The lion fell in love with the lamb: Carter Burwell

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